Family Biking Outdoors

St. Louis plays host to a number of health-related activities and events, many great for the entire family. View the event listing below, and click on the event name for more information.


Snowball Series 5M
Jan 6 - 9:00am
Forest Park

Way of Lights Run 1.5M, 5K
Jan 6 - 6:30pm
Belleville, IL

Frostbite Series 5K, 20K
Jan 13 - 8:00am
Forest Park

Frozen Buns 5K, 10K
Jan 13 - 10:00am
University City

YMCA Sprint Indoor Tri 400m S, 10M B, 3M R
Jan 14 - 7:00am
Festus, MO

Frozen Feet Trail Race 13.1
Jan 20 - 8:00am
Wildwood, MO

Snowball Series 6K
Jan 20 - 9:00am
Creve Coeur Park

Yoga & Spa Expo - Living Fit Expo
Jan 27 - 10:00am

Frostbite Series 4M, 13.1M
Jan 27 - 8:00am
Forest Park

Nippy Niner Trail Run
Jan 28 - 9:00am
Columbia Bottom Conservation Area


Tenth Life Cats N Yoga
Feb 01 - 6:00pm
Cherokee Street

Run For Your beads 5K
Feb 3 - 9:00am

Snowball Series 4M
Feb 3 - 9:00am

14th Annual Indoor Triathlon - Sprint, Long, Points
Feb 10 - 6:00am
St. Louis JCC

Frostbite Series 3M, 15K
Feb 10 - 8:00am
Forest Park

Run For The Chocolate 5K
Feb 10 - 9:00am
St. Louis, MO

Liberty Winter Warrior Trail Race 1.5M, 5M
Feb 10 - 9:00am
Broemmelsiek Park

Fenton Pokerfest 5K
Feb 17 - 10:00am
Fenton, MO

Runnin' Against MS 5K
Feb 17 - 10:00am

Winter Sprint Indoor Tri - 20min R, 30min B, 10min S
Feb 24 0 9:00am
Farmington, MO

Ultimate Girls 5K
Feb 24 - 9:00am
St. Charles, MO