Small Changes For Health 2017 Program


Starting Line

Thanks for joining us for Small Changes For Health 2017! The theme for this year’s program is ‘Lean in 2017’. We are excited that you are ready to get started on making healthy changes to last a lifetime.

The program is officially underway, but you can still enroll now! Click the button at the bottom of this page to get started.

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This ten-week, online program is a great way to jump start your body and mind into healthy living. Each week is comprised of a small change related to physical activity and a nutrition tip. Additional handouts, videos, and materials are also provided to coincide with each week. You can individualize this program as much as you want, in order to make it fit you and your lifestyle. In addition to the weekly small change and nutrition tip, you will also be asked to answer one question at the end related to the content you just learned about.

Achievement Badges & Contest Entry

Once you complete each step, you will receive an electronic badge. These electronic badges will serve as your entry ticket into the grand prize drawing for a trip. Click here for the contest details.

In order to get prepared for each week of this program, check off the following items before you begin

  • Check with your doctor to ensure you are cleared for physical activity
  • Get yourself a good pair of shoes for walking or running
  • Get some light weights to use for weight-bearing activities (Note: canned foods or full water jugs can be used; resistance bands can also work)
  • Get yourself a reusable water bottle so that you can carry water with you
  • Purchase some fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds to incorporate into healthy meals and snacks
Weight Loss vs Fat Loss

When it comes to a healthy lifestyle several words come to mind, but weight loss and fat loss are usually part of the conversation. While change in both weight and fat can be beneficial for your overall health, the two are different.

This year, Small Changes for Health 2017 is focused on fat loss as opposed to weight loss. While both go hand-in-hand, they are different measures and can assess different things. Weighing yourself on the bathroom scale isn’t the most accurate predictor of health. It does show change, but doesn’t account for certain variables (i.e. water), thus just basing your health regimen around a number on the scale and a certain amount of pounds may not be the best tactic. Fat loss is a better indicator of changes you have made and isn’t affected by several variables.

Course Content

Lessons Status

Week 1 - Good Nutrition in Combination with Exercise


Week 2 - Choosing Healthier Fats


Week 3 - Lean Protein Choices


Week 4 - Carbohydrates for Protein Sparing


Week 5 - Carbohydrates & Body Fat


Week 6 - Lean Calcium-Rich Foods


Week 7 - Proper Hydration


Week 8 - Alcohol and body fat


Week 9 - Fueling For Fitness


Week 10 - How can I tell I’m leaner?


Week 11 - Keeping It Going